Steps to Preventing Osteoporosis

Osteoporosis regarded as a killer disease exhibits no outward symptoms and nobody can tell if one suffers from this condition by merely using physical examination or X-ray. A bone scan usually can be of use in identifying this condition. It is one of those conditions that are life-threatening and if preventive measures are not undertaken may have devastating effects on an individual. Even though it has been known for long to mainly affect women at their menopausal stages, there have been numerous cases whereby men have been diagnosed with this condition.

There are many causes of this killer malady and prior measures should be undertaken if at all one desire to prevent or minimize the effects of this disease. It is a disease that has been established to depend on gender to some extend. Women are more susceptible to this disease as compared to men. The onset of menopause increases the chances of this condition. It creeps in silently without notice and is more prevalent in thin and small women as compared to a healthy woman. It is also hereditary in nature and ones family history contributes to cases of osteoporosis.

Various preventive measures can be undertaken to avoid osteoporosis. Ensure sufficient amounts of vitamin D in the body are maintained at all times. Consumption of 400 to 800 IU of Vitamin D is necessary to effectively minimize the chances of the disease. Calcium being an essential mineral in development of bones is a must intake. Take proper and sufficient amounts of calcium daily so as to ensure strong and healthy bone structure that will be resistant to this disease. A minimum amount of 1000 mg to 1500 mg of calcium is recommended per day.

Engaging in weight-bearing exercises is another major defensive mechanism against this condition. It puts in some strain in the bones thereby enhancing strong and healthy bones. Individuals who are addicted to smoking and excessive consumption of alcohol should have a total makeover of their lifestyle and adopt a healthier lifestyle that involves intake of a balance diet and total abandonment of smoking and avoidance of excessive drinking of alcohol.

There are also a range of medical supplements that can be taken to improve bone density. These should only be taken when appropriate and when recommended by a physician. For older adults always avoid exercises that predispose you to falling, instead engage in balancing exercises. This will help prevent the disease.

Even though exercising is one of the preventive measures against osteoporosis, certain exercises such as; high intensity aerobics, those with high falling chances, sideway movement of legs across the body, pulling of the neck with hands behind the head and certain movements that twist the spine and bend the waist should be avoided as much as possible no matter how helpful you may think they are in preventing osteoporosis.

With these in mind, mark you the fact that no one strategy is exhaustive in prevention of this disease. Therefore any additional strategies and techniques tried and found to be effective should be implemented in the prevention of this disease.

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