What is Osteoporosis Exactly?

Osteoporosis is one of the conditions that cause the bones in our bodies to weaken.  When the bones get weak, they become prone to fractures that can lead to other problems like the spin and hips injuries.  Because any one can have this condition, it is necessary for you to know the steps that are necessary to avoiding the disease.

Like any other vital tissues in our body, the bones are able to create new bones as quickly as the body loses them.  When the new bone formation does not keep pace with the loss bone, osteoporosis develops.  The function of the bones is to reserve minerals in our bodies, most common nutrients are then phosphorous and calcium.  When some minerals are lost they are replaced by the body. But when the minerals are taken away quickly than the body can manufacture them then it leads to osteoporosis.

Effects of osteoporosis

This type of infection can affect any part of your skeleton,. They normally affect the hips, wrist, spine, ribs, upper arm and pelvis. The most common part that is mostly affected by osteoporosis is the upper arm.  These bones can be broken hence leading to serious fractures. Once you are affected by this disease it can affect your movements and activities big time. So if you are suffering from this condition, you will find that you are unable to do heavy work. Bones are always fragile and just a small bump can lead to severe chronic pains when the bones are pressed together.

Not only will the infection limit your movements but it will also affect your posture.  This normally happens when the spine bone is affected.  Bones support vital organs, so it needs to be well taken care of to avoid any fracture.  The organs that are protected by the bones are the lungs, stomach and the intestines. So it is vital to avoid breakage of bones since it may affect these internal organs leading to more complications. Also bone breakages leads to loss of muscles, height and bone deformity.

How osteoporosis is prevented

This condition decreases the bone density hence making the bones to thin and weak. However, this condition can be reduced or prevented through taking some few steps.  The major factors that cause this condition can be prevented.  Smoking and sedentary lifestyle can be avoided. The other thing that you can do to prevent this disease is by seeking medication.  Medication can help prevent this condition when it is detected early.  After they have been identified they can be treated as quick as possible.

Lastly, there are many web blogs that helps an individual on the ways of treating the infection, but you need to be careful not to be deceived with some sites that gives false process. The best thing to do is to consult from your doctor about the condition. Once you have known the procedures of preventing osteoporosis you can take the steps and it will help you live healthy.

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