Osteoporosis Facts

Osteoporosis also referred to as osteopenia is a silent killer with no outward symptoms. It is one of those maladies that are detected when they have already brought out devastating and life-threatening effects. Its effects are usually exhibited by breaking of bones.

There are various facts about this condition that should be kept in mind;

  • What is it? It refers to a condition whereby the bones are weak and are susceptible to fracture if one falls.
  • How about osteopenia? This is a mild form of osteoporosis whereby the bones weaker than normal and one has not attained a full osteoporosis condition.
  • What could be the cause of this condition? Inheritance as well as certain lifestyles such as excessive dieting, too much exercising and anorexia may bring in this condition.
  • Can this be prevented? Of course. The condition can be treated and bones strength restored. The processes of bone deposition and bone resorption can be manipulated to achieve this.  The process of bone breakdown is slowed down and the process of building up new bones increased.
  • How to manipulate the process of resorption and deposition:
  1. Taking diet that is composed of the necessary minerals, that is, calcium and vitamin D supplements will ensure strong bones.
  2. Conducting daily exercises that are weight-bearing.
  3. Regular check up of the body’s hormonal composition to determine whether it is sufficient for bone formation.
  • What kind of supplements should one take in his or her diet? Lots of nutrients are needed for bone formation. Ranging from Vitamin D, calcium, protein, Boron, omega 3 fatty acids, silica and Zinc. A proper balance of Proteins with carbohydrates and fats in addition to Vitamin C are the building blocks of the framework needed for bone formation. A combination of calcium and magnesium is usually required and the absentia of magnesium results in improper use of calcium resulting to its deposition in joints and arteries. The other nutrients such as Zinc, Boron and Silica are required in minute quantities.
  • What are weight-bearing exercises? They refer to exercises that one enjoys and can do consistently on daily basis. They include jogging, walking fast, tennis, yoga, dancing or skipping. The exercise should be such that there is a minimal chance of falling.
  • How about hormonal requirements? The most common hormone that is recommended is oestrogen but this only plays the role of slowing down bone breakdown and cannot help in generating new bones. With time the bones if not replenished will be old and brittle. Therefore to build up new bones a transdermal cream when combined with certain supplements in addition to exercising build up new bones.

Are there any drugs available for treating osteoporosis? There are various drugs such as Fosamax and others that play the role of slowing down the process of bone breaking. They have the problem of not generating new bones as in the case of oestrogen. This will lead to the aging of the bone hence it becomes brittle and susceptible to breaking

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