The Best Diet for Osteoporosis

One must be in an osteoporosis diet plan if he or she is suffering from this health condition. Osteoporosis is a disease of the bone that makes it fragile and prone to fractures. Technically speaking, it is associated with the reduced density of the bone with the destruction of bone tissues. The incidence of osteoporosis is directly proportional to age, which means along with aging the risk increases. It is moreover more common in females, especially the menopausal ones. Apart from decreased bone mass, it is also associated with the increased rate of falling which increases with age. In case of osteoporosis the basic thing is the depletion of calcium stores of the bones which are necessary to maintain the strength of the bone.

The basic motive behind the osteoporosis diet plan is to maintain adequate calcium level along with proteins and other bone forming substances along with intake of substances that initiates oestrogen production in females. Now, we will be taking about a general diet for osteoporosis. The diet must contain lots of fresh vegetables. These vegetables are to be consumed after lightly steamed or raw. Also plant source product like soybean is preferred as they are oestrogen rich. Also one must take calcium rich foods.

While choosing dairy products for calcium one must go for low fat dairy products. Salmon, sardines are also good sources of calcium. Soybean product should be extensively consumed. Some soy products are tofu, soy milk, sprouts can be consumed to slow down the escape of calcium from the bones by increasing the oestrogen level in females. Magnesium rich products are also advised. Food rich in magnesium includes cereals and whole grain breads, sea foods and also walnuts and yeast. For Vitamin D on might consume cod liver oil or fish and egg yolk. The Vitamin D is essential as it helps absorption of Calcium from the intestine.

The above mentioned food items are highly desirable. However, there are certain other items that should be moderate in the diet and some very low. Considering the food items that should be moderate in the diet are the protein rich foods like red meat, chicken, cheese, eggs. The reason is excess protein in the diet may result in the loss of calcium from the bone thus resulting in osteoporosis. There are some items that are advisable to be avoided as far as possible. If not possible their amount must be very low in the diet. Alcohol is one such item, where chronic alcoholism may result in the destruction of the bone forming cells thus reducing the bone density.

Caffeine is also contraindicated as it causes loss of calcium from the bone. The diet should be also low in phosphates as the phosphates are found to be competing with calcium in the process of absorption from the intestine. Phosphates are extensively found in beef and pork and also in several beverages specially soft drinks. Phytates and oxalates should also be avoided as they form some insoluble salts with calcium and prevents its absorption in intestine.

Osteoporosis as you know is a very common disease. The occurrence rate is around 30% in females and 20% in males. It is one of the major public health problems in the developed countries like UK and the US. It is such type of problem that can’t be avoided if one is not on a good diet. As fractures are the complications of this problem, it is necessary to be in certain restrictions. One may also visit a physician for medications. But it is to be noted that apart from medications, an osteoporosis diet plan is must in order to completely prevent complications.

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