Getting the Best Nutrition for Osteoporosis

Osteoporosis is a condition caused by lack of some nutrients on one’s body and foods rich in calcium are a boost to Osteoporosis nutrition. The disease is a silent killer especially if the party is not aware of the problem in their bodies. Food is something that we can’t do without in our lives. Foods give us energy and help our bodies to become strong and fight diseases. However, you should make sure that the foods you eat are useful to your body. All you need to do is to eat food that is balanced to be able to have all the types of nutrients your body needs. The quantity of food an individual eats also matters a lot .Overeating or under eating can also have some negative effects on one’s body. Under eating can even increase the risk of having osteoporosis at old age.

Osteoporosis nutrition entails foods like dried beans, nuts, sardine and even cheese. This should be foods that we are supposed to include in all our meals to deal with the problem. It all starts from the childhood age all the way to when one is elderly. All this foods are rich in calcium and help our bones and teeth to be strong. If you do not eat such kinds of food, his bones become soft then brittle. Women are the commonly affected people when it comes   to the condition of osteoporosis nutrition.

It is also important to know that the osteoporosis can be avoided or prevented. The required amount of calcium one needs in a day is 1000 mg. A very small number of people is able to accomplish this. We think that the condition can only be prevented, during childhood but that is not the reason. Pregnant women should eat food that is rich in calcium for proper development of the fetus bones. Bones are made from our skeleton. It begins   to develop since one is born till when he is in his mid twenties. After which we begin to lose bone tissues. Every year that passes after the age of 25 people lose some amount of bone tissue.

Below named are some of the things one should do to minimize the chances of having osteoporosis:

  • Make sure that your daily meals have calcium and it should be more in girls and women’s diet.
  • Under nutrition is dangerous and one needs   to ensure that his or her diet should be rich in nutrients. People suffering from osteoporosis can also use a supplement called formula IV plus and nutrishake to improve on their Osteoporosis nutrition. You can also give it to your entire family.
  • Physical activity is really essential in everyone’s life. We should ensure that we do some exercise at least every day to make our bones strong and to enhance the flexibility of our muscles.
  • Get vitamin D from the sun every day to make your bones strong too.
  • Keep away from cigarettes and do not smoke. It is not good for our health and environment too.
  • Reduce the amount of alcohol that you use and if it is possible quit taking it completely.

Calcium foods should be served side by side with selenium. It is an antioxidant that really helps with the elasticity of the skin preventing premature aging. Protection from the sun is also included. The foods that are rich from selenium are foods like eggs, nuts and even brown rice. Eggs especially are very helpful since they contain selenium, pottasium, folic acid and even manganese.

Osteoporosis nutrition boosts and protects your family against the disease.

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