Best Diet for Osteoporosis

Although it is a widespread disease in the elderly, hardly anyone truly know and understand the main diet of osteoporosis, its incidence rate would have already gone down drastically many years ago. When you have got a clear idea on how this disease process happens, then you can choose your very own lifestyle and then make the changes that may spare you from getting osteoporosis at a later time.

This disease takes place when there is an imbalance relating to the development of new bones, as well as the re-absorption of old ones. Either the body is unable to form new bones, or then there’s re-absorption of old bones. Phosphate and calcium are equally important information of the bones. If there is not enough supply of these nutrients, the bones get vulnerable; hence they grow to be brittle and eventually become susceptible to fractures.

There are three varieties of osteoporosis:  these are: primary one, primary two, and secondary. Primary one is also called post menopausal, and it frequently develops in women as soon as they reach menopause. Primary two, is furthermore called the senile osteoporosis, it happens among the elderly, or those who are above 75 years, both male and female. Secondary osteoporosis occurs at any age group and might occur because of many factors, including long-term exposure to the predisposing factors, and also due to long-term usage of steroids.

Osteoporosis may seem inevitable, but it is good to know that there are solutions that can help to reverse osteoporosis, which are natural and doesn’t require you to spend a lot of money, or make major lifestyle changes, only if you live a poor lifestyle. This disease usually takes place over a certain period of time; hence it’s never too late for prevention. Here are ht steps that can help you cure it.

Have low protein diet in your meals

Increased protein consumption leads to acidity in the body, can deplete calcium levels. The truth is that healthful eating only recommends 12 oz of protein each day, divided to three meals, therefore 4 oz per meal that you take. Nonetheless, the typical American meal in fact comprises double the amount or even thrice. A good meal ought to include a balance in carbohydrates, proteins, sugar, vegetables and fruits. When you take all of these three components in each meal, you’ll have good chances of preventing the causes of osteoporosis, as well as the other kinds of diseases associated with it.

Obtain a check-up for hormones regularly

As mentioned above, reduction in the production of hormones results in bone loss. Sufficient amounts of estrogen, progesterone, androgen, testosterone, and DHEA are very essential for maintenance of the bones. High amounts of cortisol, brought about by stress, as well build up of para-thyroid hormone could also cause osteoporosis. Laboratory tests don’t include testing for the thyroid hormones, but an increased calcium level in the blood could mean high levels of these hormones in the body.

Modify your diet

High consumption of starch and sugar can result to increased levels of insulin in the body, which lead into calcium depletion. Always a good diet gauge is of low glycemic index diet. This measures the rate that food turns to sugar in the bloodstream. There are foods that don’t increase blood sugar levels in the body are beans, vegetables, as well as other kinds of proteins.

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