What Causes Osteoporosis?

Osteoporosis is a disease that affects the bone and this disease leads to the increased risk of a fracture. Osteoporosis can be classified into three, primary type one which is common to women after they reach menopause. Primary type two generally affects people over the age of 75 years, secondary osteoporosis cuts across all the ages and can affect men or women. You may be wondering what causes osteoporosis, and in this article we try and identify the causes of osteoporosis.

Human bones continually change and are replaced at least after every 10 years, most people believe that bones are inert, but this is not really the case bones are very much “active” and are continually growing, with new bones replacing the old bones in a process known as modeling. People who are affected by this disease experience the thinning of bones and these results to bones becoming fragile, porous and prone to fractures. WHO (world health organization) defines this disease as a “bone mineral mass that has a 2.5 standard deviation more or below the peak bone density (average of adults or young people,) as measured by DXA


Causes of osteoporosis in women


The most common cause of osteoporosis in women is the deficiency of estrogen.  And this is because after women reach menopause their estrogen level nosedives and bone loss usually accelerates after menopause and the risk of osteoporosis is enhanced as the women get older and lose more bones that they can replace, and this also increases the risk of fractures.  Young women may also contract osteoporosis, and this is in the case of those who have stopped menstruating, and this is mainly because of bone density, and is common in women with anorexia and thin athletes.


Causes of Osteoporosis in Men


 The main cause of osteoporosis in men is low testosterone and this because men need testosterone and estrogen for healthy bones. Men require testosterone to convert them into estrogen which is used in bone preservation.

With proper management of the disease through proper exercise and balanced diet the effects of the disease can be minimized




Lack of exercise and inactivity can also contribute to a great extent to the development of this disease. There are a couple of exercises that are recommended for people suffering from osteoporosis. This includes weight bearing exercises, muscle strengthening exercises and also non impact exercises.


Dietary choices


The intake of calcium and vitamin rich foods is required in order to fight the disease. Calcium and vitamins help in the growth and development of bones.  It is essential that you take a combination of the two supplements for better health of your bones.


Lifestyle choices


Many of our life style choices have a profound effect on our health. Research has shown that osteoporosis can be caused by excessive intake of alcohol and also excessive smoking. With proper management on how we live our lives there is a great likelihood that the cases of osteoporosis will be greatly reduced today.

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