Osteoporosis in Men: Causes and Prevention

Men are always known to be having a greater bone density compared to women.  This is because men lose calcium at a slower rate. This makes them to have a strong bone. While it’s true that men lose calcium at a slower rate than women, change in hormones may be a factor to men development of osteoporosis. Decrease in testosterone, which happens naturally at the age of sixty, results in a limited ability to using dietary calcium in building or repair bones. Calcium is one of the essential nutrients in the body and it helps to make the bones to be firm.

Treatment for osteoporosis is through a medication which helps to slow bone loss, it reduces risk of fracture, as well as change in lifestyle to improve your general body health. Calcium is important because it helps the body make new bones tissue, but how much do we need it? Adults up to age 50 years require 1000mg of calcium in their food daily, people over age 65 years should get 1200mg up to 1500mg in a day in their diet.

However, it is hard to get too much of calcium. Adults can consume up to 2000mg in a day but avoid taking in larger amounts because it can lead to other body problems like hypocalcaemia (presence of excess or high calcium in the blood), decreased absorption of other minerals and impaired kidney functions. Studies have shown that men who consumed high levels of calcium seemed to have a risk of developing prostate cancer. This is one of the diseases that caused by to high consumption of calcium in men. Thus it is advisable to avoid high intake of calcium minerals. Other vitamins such as vitamin B12, vitamin D, also assists in prevention and development of the disease.

The best treatment for this condition is prevention. Changing the lifestyle can make a difference, even if you have already been diagnosed to be having osteoporosis. Our skeleton is known of naturally losing strength as we get older or as we age. But we can still slow this process; we can still reverse bone losses when we are already diagnosed with osteoporosis. This condition can make a person to have stress, but once you have been diagnosed to be having the disease it is advisable that you seek medication.

There are various things that an individual can do in order to avoid the condition. First, you must make sure that you eat a well balanced diet. Ensure that all your meals contain the necessary nutrients. Food rich in calcium are very much recommended since it helps to strengthen the bone. Exercising is another factor that is of much benefit. This helps to strengthen your bones and make them firm. Exercise has been known to be of help and it is one of the effective methods in controlling osteoporosis.

Lastly men and women being affected by this condition should ensure that they seek medication. Seek advice from your doctor so as to prevent the condition from worsening.

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