Detection and Prevention of Osteoporosis

The disease which makes the bones weak and causes their fracture is known as osteoporosis. It is caused by the reduction of BMD which is abbreviated for bone mineral density. In this disease the bones become less dense as compared to their original condition. This disease can be classified into different types and is majorly common in women. Proper diet and medication can help to reduce this disease. Now with latest technology there are some equipment and tools which help in the diagnosing of the diseases. Frax is a tool developed by World Health Organization to evaluate the fracture risk. The Frax osteoporosis results help to measure the risk level of bone fractures of the patient.

Symptoms of osteoporosis

The main symptom of this disease is fractures. In many cases fractures can lead to chronic and severe pain. The Frax osteoporosis tools are used for the determination of any fracture and help in taking the treatment at the early stage so that the disease may not be extended to a long period of time and can be cured easily. The fractures may be due to cracking of the bones or by their collapsing. Calcium, minerals and vitamins are very important for the strength of the bones and if there is any deficiency then the bones may be fractured. There are different Frax osteoporosis equipment and tools which aid in the detection of any sort of fracture.

The main parts of the body which are greatly affected by this disease are the hip, spine and wrist. They can be fractured by even a small injury. There are no such specific symptoms for this disease but can be detected by the increase in the number of fractures. The Frax osteoporosis diagnose results can help in finding the risk of these fractures. The other symptoms include spinal pain, vertical collapse, sudden backbone pain and compression of the spinal cord. Increase in the number of fractures can result in the change in the body posture and decrease in the height of the person. The chronic pains are also caused due to multiple fractures. Some fractures also require surgery like the hip bone fracture. But some surgeries are very risky and can even cause death. It is also detected by the Frax osteoporosis tests and x-rays that whether a surgery is needed or not because it shows the fractures andcan help the orthopedic to make the decision whether a surgery is required or not.

Estimation of bone fracture risk

As you grow older the risk of bone fracture increases. So it is important that you have a test of estimation of bone fracture risk. You can now get an online Frax osteoporosis test. A BMD test is simple tests which can help you to evaluate how much bone mass can you lose if you have an injury or if you are a patient of osteoporosis. These tests help the patient and the surgeon in the prediction of fracture risks which the patient might have in the next ten years. There are a number of risk factors which are taken into consideration while doing these tests. The factors include, age, smoking habits, height, weight, other diseases if any, fracture history of the family, personal fracture history and alcohol consumption.

The Frax osteoporosis test can help you to find answers to different questions. Those people who are not diagnosed to have osteoporosis can have this test to know whether they need any treatment or not. But people who have osteoporosis they do not have to take the Frax test but they should continue their treatment to avoid future fractures.

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