Causes of Senile Osteoporosis in Women

Senile osteoporosis is a common bone disease that has plagued so many people on earth today. It is a disease characterized by the bones becoming fragile and weak and eventually becoming weak to a point of almost breaking. In some cases, they actually do break and the patient undergoes lots of pain. If the disease is not prevented or treated it can easily progress till more bones break and more pains result. If the worst comes to the worst, the patient may die. The bones that break due the disease are known as fractures. The main parts that are normally affected include the hips, wrists and the spine.

In all osteoporosis cases, it is important to note that any bone can be affected. But as already mentioned, the main areas of concern are the hip and spine fractures and to some extend the wrist. Hip fractures always require hospitalization and a major surgery for the patient to fully recover. It can affect the ability of the patient to walk without assistance and may result to prolonged and even permanent disability. For spinal and vertebral fractures, there are serious consequences and complications such as severe weight loss and back pain and deformity. It is this type of fracture that can easily cause death if ignored or not treated properly.
Note that this diseases is typically a conditionwhereby the density of the bones become significantly reduced and the structural integrity of the trabecular bone becomes impaired.The Cortical bone which is essentialfor any healthy bone then becomes more porous andgradually  thinner with time.  As such, the bones because susceptible to fracture. The level of bone damage caused by Osteoporosis can only measured on the basis of thebone density of the patient.  This is normally done using a standardized and accurate bone density measurement of the total hip. The “normal” bone is often greater than 833 mg/cm2.

Women tend to suffer more with this condition as they always find it hard to observepreventive measures. This could be due to the fact that they always undertake chores that need them to use the spines either through bending or in other movements. The preventive measures are however the same in bothmen and women which shouldactuallystart from childhood right through adulthood.  The right preventivemeasures include good nutrition and enoughexercise on daily basis.  High amount if vitamins A, C, D and E as well as calcium should be consumed. For the elderly, fall prevention is extremelynecessary.

Most women want to take osteoporosis treatment withoutfocusingon building blocks as required. The medication then turnout not to be effective simple becausethe treatment did not take into account the importance of adequatecalcium, exercise and nutrition. Surprisingly the most efficient source of calcum which is calcium carbonate is very cheap. Therefore if your doctorsomehow overlooked this importantelement of osteoporosistreatment, it is up to you to remind him or her and ask how you should go about it.

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