Signs of Osteoporosis

Osteoporosis is a condition that reduces the quality and density of bones. This condition leads to skeletal weakness; it also causes increased risk of fractures, of the upper arm, the hip, pelvis, wrist, and spine.  Bones become brittle and fragile and also lose their essential minerals e.g. calcium in the body faster than we can replace them.  Osteoporosis reduces the bone mass and the resulting thin; bones are easily fractured by minor bumps and falls. Usually, the bone loss of affected individuals is gradual and doesn’t show any signs or symptoms till the disease is more advanced.... Read More

Symptoms of Osteoporosis

Introduction Osteoporosis is a disease which is associated with decrease in bone density, which makes the bones to be porous. In the body of the affected parsons the amount of calcium which provides support to the bones reduces. Hence the bones of people with osteoporosis are susceptible and fragile to trauma, also prone to frequent fractures. Osteoporosis is common and it usually affects the old, especially women who are above 50 years. Symptoms osteoporosis usually don’t have symptoms that would enable the patient notice the disease, so it is often  always seen when the disease has... Read More

What is Osteoporosis Exactly?

Osteoporosis is one of the conditions that cause the bones in our bodies to weaken.  When the bones get weak, they become prone to fractures that can lead to other problems like the spin and hips injuries.  Because any one can have this condition, it is necessary for you to know the steps that are necessary to avoiding the disease. Like any other vital tissues in our body, the bones are able to create new bones as quickly as the body loses them.  When the new bone formation does not keep pace with the loss bone, osteoporosis develops.  The function of the bones is to reserve minerals in... Read More

Is Osteoporosis Painful?

Weakening of bones practically indicates ‘porous bones’ and also takes place on account of calcium mineral phosphate becoming removed from our bones as well as reabsorbed from the system. This specific results in the particular our bones leaner as well as less strong along with prone to break particularly in a mature individual. An average result’s a new busted stylish. Weakening of bones is usually to be able to have an effect on adult men above 80 and some women 50 along with causing breaks is osteoporosis painful may be significant and also life-changing. The reason for... Read More

Detection and Prevention of Osteoporosis

The disease which makes the bones weak and causes their fracture is known as osteoporosis. It is caused by the reduction of BMD which is abbreviated for bone mineral density. In this disease the bones become less dense as compared to their original condition. This disease can be classified into different types and is majorly common in women. Proper diet and medication can help to reduce this disease. Now with latest technology there are some equipment and tools which help in the diagnosing of the diseases. Frax is a tool developed by World Health Organization to evaluate the fracture risk.... Read More

How Osteoporosis Affects Bones

The Osteoporosis bone is sickness that induces bones to get thin, weakly and crack easily. While you can burst a bone in every part of your torso, the most usual collapsed bones are the hip, wrist or spine. Osteoporosis is predicting a “silent illness.” You cannot feel or assure that your bones becoming thinner. Many souls do not realize that they have got thin bones till a bone collapses. A broken bone can obstruct with your casual activities and can be taken serious effects. Osteoporosis in the bones can make serious troubles for women. A crack in this field occurs from daily... Read More