Exercise and Osteoporosis

Exercise is considered very essential for maintaining healthy bones and body stature. In fact there is a very deep link between exercise and osteoporosis. The bone growth and production occurs mostly up to the age of 35 and even after that in some healthy conditions. In fact the regular exercise can help maintaining and restoring the healthy body structure. Doing exercise on a regular basis it is an accepted fact that bones become healthy and strengthen. It is recommended by the doctors and physicians that if you exercise regularly as a child and adult then the bones of body become stronger.... Read More

How Estrogen and Osteoporosis are Related

This is because following a hysterectomy.A woman’s body loses oestrogen. The loss of estrogen and osteoporosis are inextricably linked. This article will outline the following: Why losing estrogen and osteoporosis are linked How can I replace estrogen? Will I experience any side-effects? Women who should not take estrogen for osteoporosis What can I do if I cannot take estrogen? Recommended lifestyle choices for all women Why losing estrogen and osteoporosis are linked The loss of estrogen in a female body leads to an increased production of a protein called interleukin.  This... Read More

About Spinal Osteoporosis

Spinal osteoporosis affects almost 1 million people annually. Bones start losing mass once a person is in his middle age. The bones are not able to withstand impact or jerks like they used to. Fractures in the bone caused by osteoporosis of the spine comprise an essential component of its research. Such type of fractures is better known as vertebral compression fractures in medical parlance. Vertebral compression fractures can lead to arched backs and therefore loss in height. Other than feeling pain the fact that movements can become restrictive makes the person’s state even more... Read More

Periarticular Osteoporosis: Your Joints Could Be the First Victim

Periarticular osteoporosis is one of the rare forms of osteoporosis. Little study has been conducted on this particular type of osteoporosis due to its subtle nature. What is now know is that this is a condition when the bones in the joint area loss density and start to become porous and brittle. Periarticular means ‘around a joint’. This type of osteoporosis if untreated can lead to general osteoporosis, osteoarthritis, or both. Scientists are still not sure what causes this local type of osteoporosis. All they know is that the just like general osteoporosis, the bone around the... Read More

Managing Osteoporosis and Osteoarthritis

Did you comprehend that osteoporosis and osteoarthritis are responsible for your back and body pains. Therefore it is important that you be familiar with the differing measures whilst dealing with these ailments. The best way to take off is to apprehend the dissimilar management and prevention techniques that you can apply. This is a considered threat to most postmenopausal women affecting a large population of these gender types. Osteoporosis is a disease type that affects the human bones by breaking them down to an extent of a higher risk of fractures occurring at the affected bone parts.... Read More

About Dexa Osteoporosis

Dexa osteoporosis is a test that is done to a person to weigh their bone density. We should ensure that we eat foods that are rich in calcium to avoid chances of getting osteoporosis. It happens gradually. Foods that are rich in calcium include milk, nuts and many other foods including these found in the sea. We should start eating foods that are rich in calcium when we are young and not when the condition has been recognized in our bodies. It is a condition that tends to be very common in girls and, women. The old people are also very prone on the condition. It makes the bone weak and... Read More